EPS Keyboard

The EPS-16+ was an innovative early sampler workstation designed for the 90's. Its sampler specs are impressive: 16-bit, variable sampling rates from 11.2kHz to 44.6kHz. With a slim 1Mb of memory this gives just about 11.5 seconds of sampling time in mono at 44.6kHz. Editing functions are quite nice: normalizing, sample splicing, merging, phase switching, auto-looping, auto-truncating, sample rate conversion and more.

On the synthesizer side it has two great filters with switchable hi, low and band pass, 6dB to 24dB cutoffs. BUT, they aren't resonant. The keyboard is velocity and pressure sensitive and it has full MIDI implementation. There is also a sophisticated 8-track sequencer that can really be fun in a live performance situation. A wildly flexible and variable LFO with seven shapes always adds a new twist to your samples! Topping it off is a full suite of on-board effects like reverb, delay, chorus, flange, phaser, Leslie sim, distortion and wah-wah and these effects can be re-sampled to become a part of the sample! It can even be played while it is loading samples!

In its time, the EPS-16+ was a revolutionary machine. It brought a lot of power and musicality to sampling. These days, the EPS-16+ is still useful. It brings back the early crunchy sampler sound but with a lot of features that make it really fun to play with. Even with its non-resonant filters you can still find yourself filtering a 'garage-beat' drum loop for hours while muting and un-muting other loops on the 8-track sequencer! The EPS-16+ was also made available in a rack-mount version.



Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus Specifications
Type: Sampler/ keyboard/
Synthesis Type:
Max: 20
Typical in use: 8
Multi-timbral (number of parts): 8 / see below
Controllers : Foot pedal, CV pedal
Effects :
Number of FX units : 1 - can work in parallell
Number of different effects : limitless
Keyboard :
Number of Keys : 61
Can send on 8 simultaneous MIDI channels
Responds to : velocity, after-touch
Sounds can be split by : velocity, keyboard
Inputs and Outputs :
Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones) : 2 / 6
Number of Audio Ins : 1
Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru) : 1
Number of MIDI Ins : 1
Memory :
Standard : 1 mb
Maximum : 2 mb
Sampling Rates :
Minimum : 7 khz @ 16 bitkHz bits
Maximum : 71 khz @ 16 bitkHz bits
Features : scsi interface
Other Features: Can load while you play with the keyboard or over midi. Very fast, intuitive interface, easy to operate, great sound quality.
Upgrades: SCSI interfaces available from Rubber Chicken Systems. Flash memory expansions (up to 1 mb) were available from the beginning, can be hard to find today. Using flash memory didn't conflict with the standard RAM, so in effect, a machine could have 3 mb of memory available.

Memory :
Number of Notes : 8000
Number of Patterns : 99
Number of songs : 99
Cool features :
Disk drive, records on all tracks simultaneosly - good for dumping a sequence from the computer into its memory. Stores SYSEX data for any synth


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